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Girl Code


When I say ‘Girl Code’, I do not mean the dating standards according to all the men your friends and acquaintances have had physical and/or emotional relationships with. What I am referring to is MUCH simpler than that. What I mean is that you, as a friend AND as a woman, should always be 100% honest with your girlfriends with regards to their physical appearance when preparing to step foot into public. If you’re not sure what I’m getting at here, let me break it down for you.

When you are getting ready to go out with your girlfriend(s), you should always alert her if;

*her eyebrows look like the hairiest caterpillars you’ve ever seen

*that, yes,  maybe she should have washed her hair today

*she went overboard on the self tanner

*she went overboard on the make up too

*she has a camel toe

*she has a very visible panty line

*she forgot to shave her arm pits

Don’t hesitate to fill her in on these things, as they are often time consuming and time is of the essence here. She may be taken back at first by your brutal honesty, but she WILL thank you later. Offer to help pick another outfit, tweeze her eyebrows, exfoliate the shit out of her arms…whatever it takes to A) Have her ready to leave on time,¬† and B) To rebuild any ego that got bruised in the process.

No one had the decency to tell these 2 that perhaps their pants were a tad too tight.

When you are already out, you still have an obligation to tell your bestie if any of the following occur {no matter how drunk she is}

*she has a bat in the cave

*she has lipstick on her teeth

*her make up is running and she’s beginning to resemble a raccoon

*she has eyeliner gunk in the corner of her eyes

*the humidity has made her hair look like she stuck her finger in an electrical socket

*her breath is rancid

*she should cross her legs when she sits because her ‘Britney’ has just made a cameo

*her g-string keeps riding up her back

*she has a nip slip

You MUST tell her any/all of these things if they occur the minute you notice. If a random stranger {or worse… a GUY} tells her first, she’ll berate you for not telling her and you’ll forever be the reason why she had a horrible night.

Wow, a brush would have gone a long way for this tangled mane.

A smart women is proactive, and crammed into that tiny purse she has everything she needs JUST in case shit gets cray. Besides your wallet and cell phone, you should have the following in your handbag;

*matte powder

*gum or mints


*some tissue

*a mirror

*a comb or brush

*a hair elastic and some bobby pins

A lot of things, yes, but they don’t take up a lot of space and could very well save your night.

If I missed anything, please let me know, but I think I’ve covered most of the crucial points! Just remember, good friends don’t knowingly let good friends¬† look like shit {even if she is hotter than you}. After all, it could happen to you – and karma really is a bitch.

xo Cree