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Vest Intentions


For my loyal followers and those of you who know me, you know I have a ‘minor’ obsession with blazers. Now since the weather has warmed up, I have found a new love…the vest. {Seriously, I wore a vest 4 out of 7 days last week. It’s a problem}

¬†What started off as a undergarment for men’s formal wear has evolved into a fashion craze, especially for women. With the endless options today, a vest can compliment any look and fit into anyone’s personal style. Whether your punk, prep, or glam, I assure you – there is a vest for you! Intrigued yet? Well I shopped around to find you the best vest’s to suit your styling needs. Check ’em out!

First up we have the classic waistcoat. Certainly your most handsome choice, the waistcoat is your best bet for formal attire, whether it be for a special occasion or an important work function. The waistcoat is sleek, modern, and super sophisticated.

contrast lapel waist coat $89.99 at Mango

If you want something fun and flirty, an embellished vest will do the trick. A little shimmer and shine is a perfect addition for a night out or to pretty up a day look.

beaded vest $59.90 at Zara

If you’re into the menswear trend, then you should try a pinstripe vest. Great for business casual or day wear, this is one you’ll wear over and over.

pinstripe vest $54.99 at the Gap

Another classic, the denim vest is a summer favorite. The perfect contrast to a girlie dress, you can count on this one to always stay in style.

denim vest $28.00 at Old Navy

Channel your inner hippie and get boho chic with a crochet vest. Crochet is soft and natural, and because it has little to no structure, it’s also ultra feminine.

crochet & fringe vest $27.80 at Forever 21

If you’re a biker babe (or want to be) you’ll look bad ass in a leather moto vest. This one will add some edge to you’re every day casual look, or toughen up your LBD.

studded leatherette vest $19.99 Forever 21

Probably my fav of the bunch is the cargo vest. Inspired by safari and military trends, this vest offers a trendy cool and casual look.

4 in one convertible jacket $98 Victoria’s Secret

Want some glam? Try a {faux} fur vest. Yes, you’ll look like a high maintenance bitch, but if you’re wearing a fur vest, you probably are a high maintenance bitch. Own it.

fur & cable vest $22.99 Forever 21

And so goes my wish list of must have vests. Do you have a fav? Or {if you’re vest obsessed like me} do you need them all?

xo Cree