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Kelly Kapowski – Fashion Icon?


For some strange reason Kelly Kapowski has been coming up in random conversation all week long. This got me thinking….in Saved By The Bell, Kelly was the hottest chick in school, and if Kelly were around today (more than 20 years later) she would STILL be the hottest chick in school. Trends have always been recycled in fashion, and today Kelly would have all the bases covered. Okay so maybe the hair wouldn’t fly, but other than that she would seriously have it goin on. Don’t believe me? Let’s review the evidence. As you can clearly see, when compared to our modern day fashionistas, Kelly holds her own!

Kelly vs Olivia in Floral Pants

Kelly vs Camilla in a Bandeau

Kelly vs Rachel in a Denim Jacket

Kelly vs Zoe in Neon

Kelly vs Audrina in an Oversized Tee

Kelly vs Giuliana in Polka Dots

Kelly vs Anna-Lynne in a Tie Front Shirt

Want Kelly’s style? Forever21.com meets all your 90’s inspired needs:

floral pants $23.90   bandeau $4.90

denim jacket $39.80   neon tank $12.80

polka dot cardigan $29.80   oversize tee $17.80

tie front top $18.80

So the next time you’re looking for a little fashion inspiration, just recall one of the lead actresses from your favorite 90’s series. I strongly recommend Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place.

xo Cree