June 3rd

This weekend I made my very first, of what I’m sure will be many, mullet purchase! I got this sleeveless poly chiffon button down at Suzy Shier for $18, and I LOVE it. I chose the ‘oatmeal’ color, perfect for a neutral scheme or paired with black. I was a little stand-offish at the high-low trend at first, but now that I have a high-low piece, I’m hooked.

May 15th

This past weekend I was REALLY feeling stripes. People say that stripes are unflattering and make you look wide, but the truth is, if you get the right fit it looks just fine! Well this weekend I was REALLY feeling stripes, so I picked up these 2 beauts. Both tops are loose fitting, so they don’t draw attention to problem areas {aka my midsection}. The Dynamite buy has a black block that hits right at the waist, making it look smaller {YAY} . The Sirens buy is a flowy poly chiffon, so it’s breezy and doesn’t cling to said problem area.

$26.90 at Dynamite

$15 at Sirens

April 25th

Today while at the drugstore picking up medical supplies for a family member, I found myself perusing the beauty section (surprised?) when I stumbled across this beauty. It’s Essie in “Fiji”, a pale pastel pink, and I gosh-darn LOVE it. This one dries quick too and it was just $9.99. So I guess it’s official – I’m addicted. Stay tuned….this could get out of hand.

April 22nd

Today I hit up the drugstore to pick up some concealer and foundation, and I stumbled across this gorgeous nail polish… Revlon Top Speed fast dry nail enamel in “Jaded” for only $6.50. In LOVE with the color! I had to put it on as soon as I got home, and added bonus – it really does dry quick. I’m pretty impatient when it comes to waiting for polish to dry and usually end up smudging it right away, but it dried super duper fast! Great color for Spring and a lovely way to embrace the pastel trend.

April 18th

The other day St. John’s hit 18 degrees, so I figured I’d start stocking up on some summery tanks while the gettin’s good. I got this cute shark bite tank from Garage. It’s bang on trend with the aztec print, in a light weight poly-chiffon, and only $24.90.  Oh, and the best part? The longer sides cover the bit of “extra love” taking residence on my hips. In other words, the fit is quite flattering.


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