You can add this trend to the long list of things we wear that men are completely baffled by. Though we see high fashion and structure, men see it as costumey and are distracted by the ‘misguided’ ruffle. If we’re being honest, it’s not the most flattering fit in the world, yet after seeing peplum on red carpet after red carpet, I can’t help but want to buy a peplum dress! So are the fellas right on this one?


Nope, I don’t mean leopard or zebra. Birds, stars, and sailboats, to name a few, are mini prints that seem to be replacing classic animal prints these days. A huge trend for SS 2012, these prints seem to be most commonly adorned on flowy dresses and tops for a perfect day wear look. This trend, however, is riding the fence between girly and childish vs. flirty and fun, so perhaps seeking out pieces in sophisticated materials like chiffon and silk may help it look a little more the latter.  Do you think this trend ‘for the birds’, or is it so you?


Spring and summer make up trends usually entail bronze, nudes, pinks, and pastels. This season however, celebs have been doing burgundy and deep rouge lips, a trend more typical for autumn. We saw vampy lips at the Met Ball, then at Cannes Film Festival, and most recently at the Billboard awards. Is this trend way off, or will you be hitting up the nearest beauty bar to try it out?


I’ve been humming and hawing about getting a kimono jacket since last summer. I saw a photo floating around with Miley Cyrus wearing one that peaked my interest and so I started scoping stores for one. I hadn’t seen many around so I decided not to bother with it, but now I’m seeing more and more of them, so it’s time to decide!  Help me out here ladies…yay or nay?


It started with Cassie, then Carmen Electra jumped on board, and most recently at the Battleship premiere in Japan, Rihanna debuted her half shaved do.  This look lends a punk-rock edge to your typical feminine and flowing locks, but what likely started as a way to stand out and remain individual, yet again turned into another trend. Though the style will naturally take forever and a day to grow back in, we live in a day where extensions and hair pieces are quite accessible so the harsh half shaved side can easily be well camouflaged.  With all this in mind, what do you think…will you be borrowing your bf’s electric razor?


Already CRINGING at the thought of wearing a crop top? Well I hear ya’, honey! Exposing my midsection (I think) would be borderline offensive to the general public. But even if you’re slim and trim, perhaps you prefer to leave more to the imagination. Regardless, before you decide whether or not this trend is for you, I should inform you that there are couple of ways to wear a crop top without actually showing anything you wish to remain hidden.

Option #1 – Layering! (duh) Pick up a cami in a complimenting color to said crop top and wear it underneath. BAM! No midsection showing.

Option #2 – Wear a high-waisted bottom. Not only will this cover your tummy, but the right high-waisted pant can do double duty by making your legs look long and lean.

I know these crop top solutions may not work for EVERYone, but at least now you can give it a go before deciding you could never wear one.


Sooooo… frames are “in” again for summer apparently. I’m not quite sure who or what face shape these frames actually flatter. They didn’t work for Lennon (may he rest in piece), they don’t work for the Olsen twins, and they likely won’t work for you. I’m more inclined to consider this a novelty item rather than a trend, but hey, what do I know?!

Well, since we now all know how I feel, what do you think? Hot trend, or hot mess?


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  1. love the second option for the crop top, high wasted bottom is the way to go i loveee that look and totally right about the circle the cat eye is more flattering and up on the trend Xo

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