Power Prints


Givenchy SS Resort 2012

Dolce & Gabbana FW 2012

Inspired by 16th century artistry and sculpture, Baroque style refers to clear and exaggerated prints, like chains mixed with animal prints, dramatic florals,  ropes and swirls, and elaborate embellishment. While prints have been popular for several years now, these particular prints are more grande and sophisticated, evoking an almost regal feel. Baroque has long been a fav for Versace, but more recently designers like Prada, Emilio Pucci, and Givenchy have incorporated the ornate prints and patterns into their Spring/Summer 2012 and upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 collections. Not only have they adorned their dresses and apparel with baroque, but they’ve also included swimwear and accessories.

Versace swimsuit, D&G shoes, Prada sunglasses, Miu Miu handbag

Celebs are already enamored with this hot trend, with stars like Beyonce, Fergie, and Chloe Mortez all spotted wearing it. Retailers have also worked baroque into their Summer collections, and I expect that with the previews for Fall/Winter 2012 collections having tons of these power prints, that this trend may actually stick around for a while.

Since designer collections aren’t as accessible to us ordinary folk, I shopped around and found a selection of what you can expect from retailers;

Zip Bralet  $18  Top Shop

Belted Dress  $39.90  Dynamite

Body-Con Tank Dress  $19.99  Charlotte Russe

Printed Clutch  $40  Aldo

Flower Print Tee  $29.90  Zara

Chain Print Skirt  $5  Urban Planet

Animal & Flower Print Wedge  $50  Spring

This is definitely a trend MADE for me! I’ll be hunting for my first baroque purchase this weekend…so stay tuned!

xo Cree


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