Battle of the Sexes


Let me set the scene for you;

It’s Friday night. You and your closest girlfriends are at your house getting ready to go out. You’re all spending literally hours on your hair and make up, and you’ve changed 10 times before finally deciding on an outfit. But who are you REALLY dressing for? Most of you I’m sure actually think you are dressing to impress your man {or a prospective man}, but the truth is that we’re all just trying to out dress each other. We want to be the hottest, trendiest, sluttiest {it’s true and you know it, don’t be such a prude}, or most beautiful girl in the room. In our battle to do so, we forget that all the trends and fashion mean jack shit to most men. With this in mind, and in hopes to save us all from a night of torture while getting ready tonight, I’ve compiled a little list of things we wear that our men think are the ugliest effing things they’ve ever laid eyes on;

The Harem Pant – This has to be the most universally hated piece by men. The other day I pulled on a denim harem pant to run errands with the BF, and when I emerged from my closet he simply said “No”.  I asked why and got another {more definite} “No”. While we see a harem pant as fashion forward and a great piece to add shape if you don’t have curves, all THEY see is MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

Romper – A great alternative to a dress, a romper is complete with shorts, so we don’t need to worry about pulling a ‘Britney’. We’re elated to have a ‘2fer’  to make outfit selection a little easier in the morning. Our men, however, think they look like pajamas or children’s clothes.

Tie Neck Blouse – To us, a bow neck is the cutest and most feminine way to pretty up our office attire. To them, we actually look like a circus clown, and they’re quite perplexed as to why we’re so determined to hide the twins.

Maxi Dresses – My personal fav, a maxi dress is the perfect summer frock, and a great choice if you don’t have time to shave your legs.  Our other half will disagree because it  “looks like a nightgown” and is also a little too conservative. They would prefer to see our {freshly shaved} gams.

High Waisted Shorts – Women – “Wow, these make my waist look TINY!”

                                                    Men – “Wow, that’s gotta be the longest ass I’ve ever seen.”

So what do our men REALLY want to see us in? Nope, not our birthday suits, ladies. Just plain ‘ol jeans and a white tee will do! {I’m sure minus the bra would earn extra points}.  I’m not saying you should stop wearing all things fashionable or give up your hair and make up routine, as I certainly will not be doing so! But perhaps once in a while, or next time you’re headed to lunch or a movie, we can surprise him and keep it simple.

DISCLAIMER – I have piloted this project for you and epically failed the first few times, so read carefully. Ensure you have the most basic white tee you can find. Princess seams, deep v’s, embellishment, and tunics simply will not due. A short sleeve crew neck will suffice. Pictured below is exactly what you should be looking for.

Jen Aniston is the jeans & tee Queen – she may be on to something…

xo Cree


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