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I was gutting my closet the other day which inspired me to, of course, blog about it. So first things first ladies… does the pic above accurately depict how your closet looks right now? I thought so. Keep reading…this post’s for you.

Do you HATE wearing the same top/dress/skirt more than once? Do you wear something {I’m talking special event or evening wear, not everyday wear just to clarify} and push it back to the darkest corner of your closet? Every time something comes up, like a party or a wedding, do buy something brand new? This, which I’m sure has been pointed out to you by your significant other, is complete madness. We all have closets overflowing with clothes that we haven’t worn in weeks, months, or even years. So before you become the next guest on TLC’s Hoarders, let me give you a few tips to make the best of your wardrobe.

Most people will say the first thing you should do is go through you’re closet and get rid of everything you haven’t worn in the past month or so to Good Will or Salvation Army, etc. This is wrong for 2 reasons; 1. Maybe you haven’t worn it because of the season OR 2. You forgot you had it! That’s what happens when you have a SHIT ton of clothes.

The FIRST thing you should do is call up your buddies and host a clothes swap {don’t call me greedy yet, I’ll get to the donations part!}. The idea is that you all bring clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags, etc. that you no longer want or need and swap amongst your friends. This way you’re getting new duds for free and a much needed girls night . Don’t worry if you all are different shapes and sizes. Everyone hangs on to clothes that are too big or too small, and sometimes “one size” really does fit most. Whatever clothes & accessories are left unclaimed can THEN be donated to your local charitable thrift store. This way you’re getting more donations, so invite as many friends and acquaintances as you can! You can even make a night of it with wine and munchies. Send invites, make a Facebook event – the more the merrier, right?

SECOND – As much as it may pain you, DO NOT KEEP the unclaimed items. I know you’ll be tempted, and I know it’s devastating to get rid of that 2 sizes too small dress you’ve been hanging onto for 3 years because you KNOW you’ll fit into one day. Let’s be honest here….if you haven’t by now, you probably won’t. And seeing it hanging in your closet is a constant nagging reminder of the ‘freshmen 10’ or what child birth has done to your body, so dump it already.

The THIRD thing you should do is organize your closet, whether it’s color coordinated, by day to evening,  or work to social. Have a designated area for shoes and accessories, and store seasonal pieces like outerwear and hates/scarves in bins or totes. Organize it in a way that makes it easy for you to navigate, therefore easier to find things depending on what you’re dressing for.

The FOURTH thing you should do is shop what’s left. What I mean by this is take an item, that perhaps you’ve already worn and are likely not to wear again, and make as many different outfits as you can out of this piece. When you’re pressed for time, you don’t think of what you can do differently with that piece so you push it aside. By predetermining different outfit ideas, you’ll save time {and money}, and get more wear out of each piece. You can wear the same thing over and over and achieve many different looks, therefore making the most of your current collection.

Take this piece for example. This classic navy polka dot cami can be worn many different ways and make completely different looks.

polka dot cami $34.90 @ Dynamite

A simple cardigan, some classic skinnies, and bright shoes & accessories make a perfect daytime look.

cardigan $26.90, skinny jeans $42.90 at Dynamite   pink wedge $39.98, bangles $15 at Spring

A white pencil skirt and killer heels create a sexy evening look.

pencil skirt $24.90 at Dynamite  platform heels $60, clutch $30, earrings $10 at Spring

Some neutral slacks and a structured blazer is a great work look for any professional.

white blazer $44.90, cropped pants $34.90 at Dynamite  taupe heels $29.98 , squared handbag $29.98 at Spring

Easy right? Your fav top is no longer a one trick pony. Now it’s up to you to take your fav pieces and create endless looks.

So the next rainy day, get organized! There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain…like more closet space to buy new clothes. 😉

xo Cree


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