Denim Denim Denim…


Today I’m talking about the hottest and most current trends in denim. Whether it’s colors, shorts or one pieces,  denim is the epitome of casual chic. An obvious classic, denim has become a staple in your everyday wardrobe and has evolved into much more than just a basic classic boot cut. Depending on the fit, wash, and style you can make denim work for just about any occasion. Check out the trends and see what you might be missing out on!


Colored denim has quickly become Spring’s hottest fashion trend. From pastels to bold hues – you name it, we want it! This is  a great way to add some zip to your outfit and really stand out. Colors like yellow and pink make for great day wear, while red and purple can create a sexy night time look.


Another hot trend for Spring and Summer is printed denim. A nod to the 90’s, a fun floral print is a flirty and feminine way to update your summer look.


White denim is fresh and clean. It can make a great dressy or office look paired with a black shirt or blazer, or go rocker chic and pair with leather and an oversize tee.


A denim shirt looks light and casual left open over a cute graphic tee or simple tank. Go long and pair with leggings or shorts for day wear, or go tailored and tucked in with a fitted style.


Offset a pretty little dress with a denim jacket. The thrift store is a great place to hunt for one. These have been a popular trend in every decade so you’re bound to find a gem. Not only will you get it at a steal, but you’ll avoid the stiffness of a new jacket since the denim will likely be soft and worn in already.


A vest can also down play a pretty little dress by dressing them down, making them perfect for day wear. This will add some edge and flare to any outfit and will be extra comfy without the sleeves.


Nothing says summer like a romper. Try sticking to a lightweight denim to avoid heavy wrinkles or folds at the waist and added bulk in unwanted areas, like the bust or hips.


This can be a toughie to pull off, but if you can you’ll look long and lean. Be careful not to let this style overwhelm you. Try wearing heels, adding an over sized bag, and even adding a big floppy hat or fedora to tone down the all over denim look.


For a feminine look, a denim dress will do! A denim dress is perfect for outdoor events like a BBQ or a concert. Since the denim is a little heavier it’s not as likely to blow up and reveal your (cringe) panties and is easy to clean if you drop some ketchup or get stubborn grass stains.


Everyone has a classic pair of denim shorts (if you don’t, you should!), but today there are so many other options. Colored, high-waisted, pleated, bermuda, cut offs….the options are endless!


The denim skirt has gone back in time, and not only is this mini a solid choice, but pleated and button down styles that were popular in the 90’s are back in a big way.


For a retro vibe try a bell bottom, flare, or super flare. This style works best on tall and slim physiques. If you’re petite or plus, a boot cut or slim flare is a great alternative.


If you’re OBSESSED with denim (much like myself and these 3) why not try a head to toe look? Sounds like a fashion faux pas, I know, but this is super easy to pull off. Just make sure you’re denims are in a different wash. Pair dark and light, distressed and solid, colored and traditional blue…you get the idea.


A rocker chick’s go-to denim is a pair of distressed jeans.  This is another one I think everyone should have in their closet. You can do summer casual by cuffing them up at the bottom and throwing on some flip flops, or trendy with boots or heels.

See something you need?? Head over to forever 21! They’ve got a great selection of everything denim. Here’s what I found:

colored skinny $28.80, bell bottom $32.50, distressed skinny $33.80, printed skinny $28.28

cut off short $21.80, floral short $23.80, white bermuda $18.80, high waist short $15.26, pink short $18.80

shirt $21.80, jacket $35.80, vest $29.90, halter dress $29.90, acid romper $27.80


I don’t think I need to add any comment here, but just in case – when I said do a head to toe denim look, this is  NOT what I had in mind.

Also don’t do this…

…or this. And thank you in advance.

xo Cree


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