Brighten Up!


Stars like Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, and Kelly Osbourne are just a few of the swarm of celebs that have dove head first, pardon the pun, into the colored hair trend. Though celebs are known for changing their hairstyles as often as their underwear {going from long hair to short bobs, blonde to brown to red} this particular trend has caught on like wildfire.

  Amber Rose goes green

Juliette is feeling blue

and it’s purple for Kelly

If this look is a little too Effie Trinket for you, then might I suggest just dipping your toes into the colored hair trend. Take a note from Lauren Conrad. The conservative and always lady like star participated in this trend too, but in a more subdued way. Colored tips like here in LC’s pink pony are a fun way to rock this trend without 100% committing to a completely new color. It’s easy to reverse, won’t cost a fortune, and much more subtle.

   LC rocks a pink pony

while Jessie J gets purple tips

If this option still doesn’t work for you, then no worries! The easiest and 100% NON committal way to get this look without changing a single lock of your hair is to buy colored extensions or clip ins. Some extensions can run you a few hundred dollars, but you know me! I went the economical route and found you some fantastic deals.


I hit up Sally Beauty Supply to find you all of these awesome and affordable products. On the left is “Hi-Lite synthetic hair extensions in pink for only $4.49. On the right is the human hair option Sassy Colors extensions for $19.99 and comes in 4 colors; hot pink, royal blue, purple, and red. You could even purchase a blonde set of human hair extensions and change the color as often as you wish with “Ion- Color Brilliance”. This product has a selection of bright colors like magenta, orange, and teal and is only $4.99 a pop! So if the boss doesn’t approve, you’re not up for permanently changing your current color, or whatever reason you may have, this is the best solution for you.

And before you decide if a full head of cotton candy pink hair is right for you…here’s a little food for thought 😉

Katy vs Effie

xo Cree


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