Color Block


Ever since I saw this photo of Camilla Belle in head to toe Gucci last year I am OBSESSED with this color block trend. The days of “matchy” outfits are long gone and in place are dramatic and high contrast color combos. If you love attention and really want to stand out, this is definitely the trend for you. Take advantage because who knows how long this will last before it’s on to the next!

Some of you are probably thinking “wtf… how and where am I going to get away with wearing something like this?”. Well, the answer is: easy and anywhere! Let’s start small. If you’re interested in trying this out but not sure you can pull it off, my first instinct is to tell you to get over it and just try it, but I’ll be gentle and give you a few pointers.

Start first with 2 colors like Emma Stone. Red & pink or coral & purple combos are a very soft approach and give off a feminine feel. You could also try Rachel Roy’s aquatic color scheme with shades of blue & green. Adding in a pop of color like the bright orange in the heels gives just enough contrast to set off this scheme. Emma’s look I can see being appropriate for a wedding or something more formal, while Rachel’s would be great for the office or something work related.

If you’re ready to go all in, then going wild in neon like Leona Lewis might be for you. You could also add a third color like Camilla did in her Gucci outfit, but the key here is to stick to solid colors so it doesn’t get too crazy and distracting. Leona’s look would look great for a night out of drinks and dancing.

Color block IS a standout trend, but it can work for day wear too, like here Jessica’s outfit. Yes – the color choice is way bright, but the styling and fit make it down to earth & casual. Choosing a leather jacket and loose fits make it a perfect daytime look.

So now that you have your color blocking guidelines, let me show you where to get the look. I’m offering a one stop shop for each outfit to keep it simple!

Zara has your casual look; trousers with elasticated waist in ‘ink blue’ for $49.90 & this tshirt with a crossover back in ‘geranium’. Bold colors, yet still perfect for everyday wear!

get this look at

You can find a dinner & drinks outfit like Camilla’s at Dynamite. The green boyfriend blazer is $44.90, $10.90 for the peach shirred cami, and get the mini bandage skirt for $24.90.

browse other styles at

Forever 21 has your dresses covered. Get this color block teal & jade dress for only $29.80, or this sweetheart fuchsia and royal one for $23.80

shop more styles at

And as for color blocking done wrong? Just ask these two….

I hope I’ve coaxed at least one of you to join the bright side while it lasts!

xo Cree


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