Get It While It’s Hot!


Spring has arrived, and summer is just around the corner. For retailers, however, Spring arrived in January and Summer campaigns are in full effect. Though there is still snow on the ground and the temperatures haven’t even reached the double digits yet in most places, now is the time to buy if you want the best and hottest Summer pieces.

As someone who’s worked in retail for about 8 years, I can’t tell you how many horrified faces and snide remarks I witness every single year because we launch our Spring collection in January. They wrinkle their nose and snatch up some clearance winter jacket or cardigan instead of picking up the pretty strapless dress they love, and pass up the pastel pink shorts that they NEED to get when the weather “warms up”.

By the time the weather does in fact “warm up” (which for NL is late July/Early August) all those summer duds you were drooling over a few months prior are sold out or are now in the clearance section with only extra small sizes left. Fall collections will be in full swing and stores will be gearing up for Back to School.  It can make shopping confusing, but I say – you see it? you like it? Buy it! Regardless of what the weather is like today. Take advantage of the fact that we happen to live in an era of fashion where just about anything goes and almost any piece from ANY season can be a transitional piece.

Now, keeping in mind that you CAN very well buy items early for an upcoming season, here are my top 5 picks of summer must haves UNDER $50!

#1  The Jumpsuit

Last year was all about rompers, but this year go all out with a full length jumpsuit. If you’re a fan of the maxi, this is a good choice for you, especially if you have a petite frame like Rose Byrne. Wear it alone in the summer, or add a jacket in the spring or fall.

floral jumpsuit  $34.50

#2 The High-Low Skirt

Olivia Palermo in a high-low skirt, also know as the tail skirt or mullet skirt. This is a great alternative to a mini skirt for us tall gals. Your can show off your gams without looking too hoochie. Again, wear alone in the summer, and in fall or spring you can add tights and a blazer or cardigan.

floral high-low skirt  $23.80

#3 Denim Vest

Add a little edge to a feminine dress by adding a denim vest like Sienna Miller. Rock it like this in the summer, and in cooler temps wear a long sleeve underneath.

denim vest  $34.90

#4 Colored Denim Shorts

Colored denim is a huge trend this spring, so it’s only fitting that colored denim shorts are going to be a hit this summer. Miley chose a high waisted red pair. Carry them over to fall/winter with tights and boots.

colored denim midi short  $39.39

#5 Athletic Swimwear

The athletic trend is making a come back this year. It started with nylon jackets and is moving on to swimwear. Looks best if you have the athletic body to go along with it, like Cameron Diaz. You don’t need to wait to hit the beach! Go to your local indoor public pool, or take a tropical vacay. (preferably the latter, right?)

piped-trim bikini  $45.88

So going forward ladies, if you see a super cute bikini you HAVE to have, but wait…”I can’t wear it for another 3 months”….don’t have me say “I told you so”.

xo Cree


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