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Island Style


Who would have thought that we would be taking fashion cues from vacationing retirees and hawaiian shirt obesessed just-passed-middle-aged men (like this guy)? Certainly not me, but here were are in Spring/Summer 2012 and tropical prints are making an incredible comeback. Before I show you the latest and greatest, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to see just where the inspiration for this most recent trend resurrection initiated. Ladies….brace yourselves.

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you think of when you hear “tropical print” is images like these, Magnum PI’s chest fluff billowing in the wind, or a 300 pound vacationer chasing his hat and map down the beach.  Hopefully with this post I can change that negative connotation to tropical attire. I suspect this trend will be a short-lived one anyway, so why not embrace the fruit and floral for at least one season.

We’ve been seeing florals on the runway for several years now, and designers like Stella McCartney and Prada began introducing the fruit patterns in 2011. It seems to only be catching on this year with designers and retailers alike going all out, and celebs are following suit. This trend is bright, bold, and sometimes a little wacky, but in these images we see just how beautiful it can be.

Proenza Schouler Spring 2012

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2012

Beyonce in Stella McCartney pants & Fergie in a Givenchy dress

Like any trend, if you’re not sure it’s for you or if you can’t afford to incorporate a lot of new pieces into your wardrobe, just get a few accessories to test the waters. A hangbag or shoes would be a great way to take part in the trend without going overboard on style or cost. Some tropical print flats or a fruity tote would be the perfect start.


FLEHARTY espadrilles $40.00 THRONDSON tote $25.00 at

If shopping IS in the budget and you’re ready to go full on tropical, then try heating up your wardrobe with statement blazers and dresses.


floral silk satin blazer $99.90  printed dress $49.90 at

Still thnking about Magnum? Here are a few more finds that will likely change your tune!

palm trees tee $27.90, tropical romper $34.90, floral cami $27.90 all at

floral v-neck dress $32.94, ruffle cami $10.00, canvas shorts $26.94 at

floral print peep toe pump $79.95, satin floral dress $169.95,  silk tunic $49.99 at 

Keep in mind, just because tropical is “in” doesn’t mean it’s ok to let your father or significant other go out in public in his “Aloha” shirt.

xo Cree


Color Block


Ever since I saw this photo of Camilla Belle in head to toe Gucci last year I am OBSESSED with this color block trend. The days of “matchy” outfits are long gone and in place are dramatic and high contrast color combos. If you love attention and really want to stand out, this is definitely the trend for you. Take advantage because who knows how long this will last before it’s on to the next!

Some of you are probably thinking “wtf… how and where am I going to get away with wearing something like this?”. Well, the answer is: easy and anywhere! Let’s start small. If you’re interested in trying this out but not sure you can pull it off, my first instinct is to tell you to get over it and just try it, but I’ll be gentle and give you a few pointers.

Start first with 2 colors like Emma Stone. Red & pink or coral & purple combos are a very soft approach and give off a feminine feel. You could also try Rachel Roy’s aquatic color scheme with shades of blue & green. Adding in a pop of color like the bright orange in the heels gives just enough contrast to set off this scheme. Emma’s look I can see being appropriate for a wedding or something more formal, while Rachel’s would be great for the office or something work related.

If you’re ready to go all in, then going wild in neon like Leona Lewis might be for you. You could also add a third color like Camilla did in her Gucci outfit, but the key here is to stick to solid colors so it doesn’t get too crazy and distracting. Leona’s look would look great for a night out of drinks and dancing.

Color block IS a standout trend, but it can work for day wear too, like here Jessica’s outfit. Yes – the color choice is way bright, but the styling and fit make it down to earth & casual. Choosing a leather jacket and loose fits make it a perfect daytime look.

So now that you have your color blocking guidelines, let me show you where to get the look. I’m offering a one stop shop for each outfit to keep it simple!

Zara has your casual look; trousers with elasticated waist in ‘ink blue’ for $49.90 & this tshirt with a crossover back in ‘geranium’. Bold colors, yet still perfect for everyday wear!

get this look at

You can find a dinner & drinks outfit like Camilla’s at Dynamite. The green boyfriend blazer is $44.90, $10.90 for the peach shirred cami, and get the mini bandage skirt for $24.90.

browse other styles at

Forever 21 has your dresses covered. Get this color block teal & jade dress for only $29.80, or this sweetheart fuchsia and royal one for $23.80

shop more styles at

And as for color blocking done wrong? Just ask these two….

I hope I’ve coaxed at least one of you to join the bright side while it lasts!

xo Cree

Tressing Out


Now that the cold, harsh winter weather has passed, it’s time to take off those winter hats and dress your tresses with some fun accessories! If you’re the type to wear your hair the same style everyday, always in a rush, or just looking for a change, these hair fashions will be perfect for you. Headbands and clips are the easiest way to update your look without actually making any permanent changes to your hair style. Check out how the stars wear them. I also found comparable styles at incredibly affordable prices at


Khloe going boho in this braided head wrap. Charlotte Russe has a braided trio set for $5.50


Zoe Kravitz is jumping on the global trend band wagon, and I found a similar one for $5.50


Selena adds some texture with a feather clip in… CR has one for $5.50


Whitney Port looks cute while keeping warm in this knitted headwrap. Try this crochet version for $6.50


Add a touch of whimsy to your look like ScarJoto with a butterfly headband at $5.50


Want Katy’s colored streak look? Pick one up for only $1.99!


Go glam like Mila with this feather headband for $6.50


Add some  romance to your ‘do’ like Padma Lakshmi with a flower clip for $2.49.


Mischa looks cool and casual in this fabric head wrap. Get the look at CR for $4.50

Next time you’re looking to spice things up with you’re wardrobe or you’re thinking there’s something missing from your outfit, try a hair accessory. It could be just the thing to complete your look. No matter the length or color of your hair , or if you’re wearing it up or down, there’s a headband or clip that will compliment your mop. That little added touch could even be what makes you memorable in a job interview, or make you stand out to a potential love (or lust) interest. Either way, it’s an inexpensive way to experiment, so just give it a go!

xo Cree

Kelly Kapowski – Fashion Icon?


For some strange reason Kelly Kapowski has been coming up in random conversation all week long. This got me thinking….in Saved By The Bell, Kelly was the hottest chick in school, and if Kelly were around today (more than 20 years later) she would STILL be the hottest chick in school. Trends have always been recycled in fashion, and today Kelly would have all the bases covered. Okay so maybe the hair wouldn’t fly, but other than that she would seriously have it goin on. Don’t believe me? Let’s review the evidence. As you can clearly see, when compared to our modern day fashionistas, Kelly holds her own!

Kelly vs Olivia in Floral Pants

Kelly vs Camilla in a Bandeau

Kelly vs Rachel in a Denim Jacket

Kelly vs Zoe in Neon

Kelly vs Audrina in an Oversized Tee

Kelly vs Giuliana in Polka Dots

Kelly vs Anna-Lynne in a Tie Front Shirt

Want Kelly’s style? meets all your 90’s inspired needs:

floral pants $23.90   bandeau $4.90

denim jacket $39.80   neon tank $12.80

polka dot cardigan $29.80   oversize tee $17.80

tie front top $18.80

So the next time you’re looking for a little fashion inspiration, just recall one of the lead actresses from your favorite 90’s series. I strongly recommend Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place.

xo Cree

Best Dressed For Less


Do you often daydream about being a celebrity? Do you find yourself  flipping through fashion mags in the grocery store line up lusting over celebrity outfits you could only dream of having? No? Just me?? Well IF you do, today’s your lucky day! Ok, I digress…. I  can’t give you the fame and fortune, but I CAN show you how and where to get your fav celeb looks for less!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Check out SJP sporting the color block trend. She makes a casual jeans&tee look amaze! You can look just as great and at a price you can afford! Get the whole outfit at

 raglan pocket tee $14.99 in frosted berry, skimmer jeggings $69.95 in red, and paisley printed tote $54.95.

Kim Kardashian

Stand out in a bold colored blazer like Kim K. Your can punch up a black outfit too, and again I’m making it super easy…this whole look is available at Dynamite stores!

soft boyfriend blazer $44.90 in pink, ruffle tunic cami $29.90 in black, shorts $24.90 in black, black purse $39.90

Jessica Alba

Wanna look just as cute as Jessica does while grabbing your morning coffee or heading to brunch with the ladies? Garage has this look at a steal…shop to get the complete look!

aztec dress $28.00, denim jacket $39.90, crossbody bag $19.90 in black, friendship bracelet $6.90

Kate Bosworth

This monochromatic look from Kate is casual yet sexy. Need this nude number? forever 21 has all these goods to get you ready for your next date night!

3/4 sleeve blazer $33.80 in khaki, racer back tank $6.80 in ivory, linen blend shorts $12.80 also in khaki, embellished clutch $33.80, patten slingback heels $33.80 in nude

And voila! As promised, celeb styles at your fingertips AND within your budget! Style doesn’t need to come from designer labels or high price tags. Always keep in mind that retailers pay close attention to runway trends and celebrity style, so finding “looks for less” is usually a piece of cake.  On that note, I leave you with a word from Karl…

“Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.”  – Karl Lagerfeld

xo Cree



We all have products and brands that we love love love and stay completely loyal to. We won’t stray from them because we’ve used it for so long it feels like cheating, and there’s no way there’s anything better(…right?). No matter how many times your bestie says you HAVE to try this new shampoo she just started using, or your sister says you MUST try this moisturizer she uses because it has completely transformed her skin, you still stand by your brand.

I should admit, I am definitely a product pusher and I love to try new things, but I do have my very own list of can’t-live-without products. Check them out!


As mentioned in an earlier post (Lip Service), I am OBSESSED with Maybelline’s Baby Lips moisturizing lip balm’s (I’m actually quite fond of Maybelline cosmetics in general). They are colored lip balms that give both long lasting color and moisture. Great for a 5 minute face when you’re in a rush and everyday wear. I’m trying to stock up because I’m terrified that they’ll one day be discontinued, as many of my favs in the past have, but every time I try they are sold out!! You can always find a few of these babies in my bag.


This shampoo is really the beeeessssstttt. I have really long hair, so it’s important for me to have a shampoo and conditioner that keeps my hair healthy and moisturized, and Drench does just that. I recently lightened my hair (a lot!) and worried that the more I abused it with the hair dryer and flat iron, the drier it would get regardless of what shampoo I used. I’m happy to report that this lovely little combo has not let me down! It’s been about a month since I lightened and my hair is just as moisture rich as it was when it was all over dark. It’s a tad pricey, but I get about 3 months out of it, and the results are totally worth it.


I’ve been buying MAC’s powerpoint eye pencil in “permaplum” for more than 5 years now. This is the longest I’ve stayed loyal to ANY product. It’s waterproof, long lasting, no transfer…tried, tested and true! I’ve done all nighters, sometimes 2 days, swimming, sleeping….you name it, and it ALWAYS stays in place. The color is great too…it’s a nice alternative to just plain black or brown and has a subtle pink shimmer that’s complimented when paired with a pink shadow. I. LOVE. IT.


This smoothing cream by Bed Head is hands down the best I’ve ever used. After I blow dry and style, I squirt a nickel sized amount into my hand, rub it together, and run my hands through my hair to evenly distribute. It makes freshly blown out hair look settled and rich. After Party is not greasy or sticky, like many other finishing products I’ve used in the past, and unlike mousses and pastes, it is SUPER lightweight. It leaves my hair soft to touch and shiny, eliminating frizz and dullness. The bottle lasts forever too…I’ve been using the same one for about 6 months or longer, and probably have about another month before I need a new tube.


I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about this brush set, and though I’m not a huge fan of Arbonne’s cosmetics, I am in LOVE with this brush set. I’ve had this set for several months now, use it daily, and have washed it many times and there’s been no shedding whatsoever. It has 10 pieces for eyes, face, cheeks, contouring, eyebrows, lips, and highlight…covers all the bases. The brushes are so soft, but they’re thick and have great blend-ability which doesn’t change after washing (if washed properly of course…see Make-Up Wake-Up Call for a walk through on cleaning your brushes ). And though Arbonne’s cosmetics are higher priced, this set is a great value for $35. You’d spend over $100 to buy all of these brushes individually at most places, even the drugstore.

So now that you know my must have products, I need to know…what are yours? I’ve yet to find a mascara or concealer that I’m 100% committed to, so if you have a fav LMK so I can give them a try!

xo Cree

Get It While It’s Hot!


Spring has arrived, and summer is just around the corner. For retailers, however, Spring arrived in January and Summer campaigns are in full effect. Though there is still snow on the ground and the temperatures haven’t even reached the double digits yet in most places, now is the time to buy if you want the best and hottest Summer pieces.

As someone who’s worked in retail for about 8 years, I can’t tell you how many horrified faces and snide remarks I witness every single year because we launch our Spring collection in January. They wrinkle their nose and snatch up some clearance winter jacket or cardigan instead of picking up the pretty strapless dress they love, and pass up the pastel pink shorts that they NEED to get when the weather “warms up”.

By the time the weather does in fact “warm up” (which for NL is late July/Early August) all those summer duds you were drooling over a few months prior are sold out or are now in the clearance section with only extra small sizes left. Fall collections will be in full swing and stores will be gearing up for Back to School.  It can make shopping confusing, but I say – you see it? you like it? Buy it! Regardless of what the weather is like today. Take advantage of the fact that we happen to live in an era of fashion where just about anything goes and almost any piece from ANY season can be a transitional piece.

Now, keeping in mind that you CAN very well buy items early for an upcoming season, here are my top 5 picks of summer must haves UNDER $50!

#1  The Jumpsuit

Last year was all about rompers, but this year go all out with a full length jumpsuit. If you’re a fan of the maxi, this is a good choice for you, especially if you have a petite frame like Rose Byrne. Wear it alone in the summer, or add a jacket in the spring or fall.

floral jumpsuit  $34.50

#2 The High-Low Skirt

Olivia Palermo in a high-low skirt, also know as the tail skirt or mullet skirt. This is a great alternative to a mini skirt for us tall gals. Your can show off your gams without looking too hoochie. Again, wear alone in the summer, and in fall or spring you can add tights and a blazer or cardigan.

floral high-low skirt  $23.80

#3 Denim Vest

Add a little edge to a feminine dress by adding a denim vest like Sienna Miller. Rock it like this in the summer, and in cooler temps wear a long sleeve underneath.

denim vest  $34.90

#4 Colored Denim Shorts

Colored denim is a huge trend this spring, so it’s only fitting that colored denim shorts are going to be a hit this summer. Miley chose a high waisted red pair. Carry them over to fall/winter with tights and boots.

colored denim midi short  $39.39

#5 Athletic Swimwear

The athletic trend is making a come back this year. It started with nylon jackets and is moving on to swimwear. Looks best if you have the athletic body to go along with it, like Cameron Diaz. You don’t need to wait to hit the beach! Go to your local indoor public pool, or take a tropical vacay. (preferably the latter, right?)

piped-trim bikini  $45.88

So going forward ladies, if you see a super cute bikini you HAVE to have, but wait…”I can’t wear it for another 3 months”….don’t have me say “I told you so”.

xo Cree