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This week is Toronto Fashion Week presenting Fall/Winter 2012. As we have yet to even enter  Spring, I won’t depress you all with what’s to come for Fall. I will, however, talk about Korhani Home opening the show with their rug inspired fashions influenced by Mongolia, punk glamour, and Venetian. This is Korhani’s third year at TFW, and while these threads aren’t available to purchase (not exactly “ready to wear” and likely weigh a ton), each custom piece is genius! See for yourself…

Korhani custom pieces Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 via &

Sold by retailers like Zellers, WalMart and Rona, Korhani boasts having a beautiful and affordable selection of rugs. Their Creative Director, Kirsten Korhani, has a fashion background and uses her experience to inspire Korhani designs. And while these particular pieces won’t find their way into your closet this year, maybe their rugs will find their way into your home!

No looks for less on this one, but the take away here is that you really can find inspiration anywhere! Also I thought it was cool as hell and wanted to share how fan-frickin-tastic these creations are.

Stay glam folks 🙂

xo Cree


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Hello All! My name is Christina. My friends call me Cree (don't ask!). I'm a 26 year old fashion retail manager from Paradise, Newfoundland. I love fashion, beauty & all things style. Follow me and I'll show you how to be your most fashionable self on YOUR budget. It may hurt to be beautiful, but it doesn't need to cost a fortune ;)

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