Make Sense of Your Scents


When purchasing perfumes, we tend to choose them based on the first impression. There are, however, a few other things to consider when selecting your scent.

Consider Your Scent

First of all, perfumes consist of 3 notes…a top, middle, & base. It’s important to test perfumes before you actually purchase them.  The top note, the scent you smell when first spraying, only lasts 10 – 20 minutes in most cases. This initial note, typically an inviting fruity or aquatic scent, is what draws purchasers in. Keep in mind, this will not be the lasting scent you’re left with. Middle notes tend to last about 3 – 6 hours and base notes can appear about a half hour in and last up to 24 hours on skin. This is known as the “dry down”, so wait around for this to happen before deciding on a scent. I love Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift as a great everyday perfume. It starts off light and sweet, but the dry down is sexy and spicy. Added bonus – the bottle is gorge.

available in 3 sizes  $18 – $59.50

Consider Your Surroundings

Many public places now-a-days, like schools and office buildings, are scent free environments. Lucky for us, most of our fave scents come in travel sizes, usually about 10ml. These will fit perfectly into your purse or even a clutch. If you have an early morning doctor or dentist appointment, be courteous of their policies. Hold off on spritzing until after your appointment. Same applies for your workplace. If you work in a scent free environment, but have a date or drinks with the ladies afterward, don’t fret! You have your travel size in your bag to freshen up with beforehand. Even if your office isn’t scent free, you may consider using a body spray. Body sprays are less offensive so they’re a nice alternative to perfumes or colognes. Just because you love the scent doesn’t mean those around you will agree (we’ve all been on the receiving end of offensive colognes and perfumes, and it’s not cool). Body sprays are typically light and natural scents and likely won’t offend others. Bath & Body Works offers a huge selection of body sprays. My fav, their newest addition, Pink Chiffon with notes like peach nectar and vanilla orchid. YUM!

237ml  $14

Consider HIM

Now, more than ever, women tend to dress for each other rather then men. I, more than anyone, applaud this movement, BUT, I will also be the first to say that every now and then we should think about what he likes too. Especially with our perfume selection. We as women think of vanilla and cinnamon scents as something we wore through our awkward pre-teens when we first experimented with fragrances. Studies, however, show that men actually prefer these scents to florals and musks, and are often even turned on by them! So ladies, I encourage you to take a flash to the past next time you’re getting ready for a hot date or if you’re planning a sexy night  in with your man! I’m not suggesting you scramble to see if they still make your childhood go-to “Vanilla Musk”, but maybe try pureDKNY. This scent is warm with hints of floral, sandalwood, and “a drop of vanilla”, and is sure to do the trick.

also available in 3 sizes  $45 – $85

So go! Head to your local department store and hit up the beauty section. Here’s a few tips to send you off with;

1. PLAN your testing trip. Do not apply perfume when your planning to test fragrances. It will confuse your sniffer and you will not get the true scent of the fragrance.

2. The fragrance can smell very different on the testing strip (or in a magazine, or on your girlfriend’s wrist) than it actually does on your skin, so spray YOUR wrist to see if it works for you.

3. DO NOT rub it in! This will quickly deteriorate the already short lived top note. Spray and let it dry naturally to test the longevity of the already fragile initial scent.

4. How a perfume smells on you skin is also subject to change day to day depending on the time of month due to hormonal changes.If you notice your signature scent is smelling different than normal, just switch up your scent for a few days so it doesn’t turn you off.

Sounds like a pain in the ass, but considering the cost and how long a large bottle will last you, it’s well worth the trouble.

FYI… just in case you’re wondering, they do still make Vanilla Musk. Available at Wal-Mart for just $14 😉

xo Cree


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