Pucker Up


So I was recently asked how to get Two Broke Girls star Kat Dennings’ signature pout, without the feathering and bleeding. Here’s what I recommend.

Start by applying the lipstick first using a lipstick brush, rather than just applying from the stick or tube. This will provide you with more accuracy and better coverage. Next, you’ll outline your mouth with a lip liner in the same shade. A lot of women apply the liner first, but you can do this after to get a more natural look. After applying the liner, grab a facial tissue and peel apart to get a single layer. Place it over your lips and using a small, fluffy brush dab some TRANSLUCENT face power over the tissue, as a colored powder could altar the lip color. This will absorb just enough extra moisture from your lips, giving you that flat matte look. You can then go back in with the pencil to redefine the mouth if needed, or create a more pronounced cupids bow. Finish it up by applying your foundation carefully around your mouth (the same you used to prep your face) with a small flat brush for a flawless pout. Glosses applied afterward are normally the cause of bleeding and feathering, so if you desire a little extra shine, apply a little highlighting powder to the center of your bottom lip and just lightly line the top of the cupids bow.

I use this translucent face powder by Marcelle. It applies soft & natural…LOVE it. I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart for about $10.

My picks for long lasting lip color? Benefit Cosmetics Full Finish Lipstick in “Espionage” or “Flirt Alert”. I also quite like Mica Bella’s Ultra-Moisturizing Lip Color Pots. They literally last hours…I’ve fallen asleep with this one on before and woke up to a still colored pout. Try “True Red”.

  $18  sephora.com

$14.95  micabeauty.com

I’ve read that Kat herself has worn Lorac Sheer Wash lip stain in “sheer magic”. It’s multi-purpose, so use it for your lips or your cheeks. This will give you a more natural look for everyday wear.

travel size  $20  sephora.com

To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth later, put your finger in your mouth right after applying and slowly pull it out (Yes, I know how that sounds, but just do it). This will remove any excess color near the inside of your mouth, keeping it from getting on your pearly whites.

Now, this is not a fool proof plan. If you’re out all night drinking and working up a sweat on the dance floor, it is not guaranteed to last. Just keep your pencil and a matte powder in your purse for touch ups. Use a straw for drinks if possible, but if you’re drinking cocktails, just lick your lips lightly before they hit the glass (this is actually less damaging to the color than the glass itself). It will not last if you end up in a heavy make-out session, but hey…mission accomplished 😉

Hope this helps!

xo Cree


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