Lighten Up!


Let’s talk about my fave hair trend right now…Balayage. Otherwise know as Ombre, blayage was developed in France in the 70’s, and translated means “to sweep”, much like how to color is applied. Though this technique has been around for decades, it has recently become the most popular color treatment in Hollywood.  This technique of hair coloring allows the hair stylist to “paint” color onto the hair freehand rather than using a highlighting cap or foils, creating a more natural, sun bleached look. Your stylist can strategically apply the color to achieve the look you wish to obtain, whether it be subtle or high contrast.

Go subtle like Gisele Bundchen with blonde-on-blonde

Stand out like Lily Aldridge with a brunette-caramel contrast

This look is a great solution for someone with natural hair wishing to add a little extra dimension, but not interested in changing their hair color completely. It can also be considered a more economical choice, as the color is focused on the ends of hair, making this treatment less maintenance that an all over color, since you won’t be needing to frequent the salon every 4 – 6 weeks for root touch up. Or maybe you’re just a trend whore like me and want to try out something different! In any case,  many fashion & style gurus are saying this trend has seen its day, but I have to disagree! Perhaps because I’m still wearing it myself, or because celebs like Khloe Kardashian-Odom, Lauren Conrad, & Rachel Bilson are still rockin’ it too!

Khloe still sporting her ombre last night on Leno

To ombre, or not to ombre? The choice, my friends, is yours! But I leave you with this…sometimes, and most definitely in this case, less is more. I’ll also add that this look, as you can see in the above photos, is complemented with a loose curl or wave  vs  straighter styled hair as seen on Drew.

Drew Barrymore with a…dramatic look

Happy Glamming!

xo Cree


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