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More, More, More!


If you are anything like me, you can’t bear to leave the house without at LEAST a pair of earrings on. I have what some might call an obscene amount of costume jewelery. I however would call it being prepared because, for me, every outfit should be finished off with the right accessory…this can make or break any outfit. Many fashion icons adhere to the old adage from the great Coco Chanel that when accessorizing, you should put everything on and take one thing off.  This season the rules have changed, and more is more!

We’ve all mastered the art of layering our clothing, but another hot trend our fav celebs are rocking right now it layering their accessories….everything from necklaces, bracelets, rings, even belts! If you’re not used to wearing even a little jewelery, start of simple and layer a few necklaces over a plain tee or tank. This makes the necklaces the focal point of the outfit. Same with bracelets…maybe skip the necklace all together and just wear a sleeve of bangles, using different colors and textures to make it interesting.You can even layer up a leather cuff and some friendship bracelets with your watch for a more casual look. Belts look great layered too, just grab a few skinny belts and intertwine them around a cardigan or dress!


SJP & Blake dripping in layers!

skinny belts work best for layering, like in these runway looks


Like anything, there’s a right way and a wrong way. Vanessa’s layered bangles and rings are perfection, but this over-the-top runway look can stay on the runway!

The layered look not for you? No problem! Here are some of my picks for this season’s must-have accessories:


Your go-t0 arm candy this spring/summer is the cuff. It’s a popular notion that the cuff evokes only a tribal or global feel, but there are no limitations on what you can wear a cuff with or what style you can achieve.  Cuffs come in a variety of materials, patterns, & colors. Wear them with jeans and a tee, a LBD, or a wedding dress. Either way, if you don’t already have one, go get one!


Make a statement with a bold bib! Bibs often combine fabrics, embellishment, and metals and truly stand out all on their own. As for what look you can achieve,the same thing applies here as the cuff. A bib necklace can really be worn with anything as long as you choose one that suits the look you’re going for. Just be a little more careful with you’re choices since these bibs really do steal the show!

This rosette bib would be great with a simple cardigan or summer dress for a casual & feminine look

This fringed bib offers up a more edgy rocker style and could be paired with a LBD or a tank and leather pants

For a little more class and elegance, try a bib adorned with gems and pearls, perfect for a modern bride


Scarves are a given in everyone’s wardrobe, but if you pick the right size and weight, it can do double duty for both your head and your neck. This makes it an easy trend to try, because if you decide your not into the head wrapped trend or the trend itself becomes short lived, you’ll still be able to wear it.

Nicole Richie making good use of her scarf

Need it now?? ALL of these accessories are available at ALDO!

cuff bracelet $12 / spiked bib necklace $18 / pair of belts $20 / scarf $20

Hit up your nearest ALDO store today or shop more styles at!

xo Cree


Make-Up Wake-Up Call


I’m going to ask you all a simple question, and I want you answer honestly. When was the last time you cleaned your make up brushes?  And while we’re on the topic, do you wash off your make up every night before you go to bed?

I’m sure most (if not all) of you would be embarrassed to reveal that you’ve never cleaned your brushes, and you usually just buy a new set when they get too far gone. I’m also certain that you all “know” you should wash your face everyday, but how many of you do more than wipe a wet face cloth over your face? Thus this post, to give you a better understanding of why it’s important to have a sanitary make up and daily face washing routine.


Take a look at your make up brush set…the one you use to apply your loose or pressed powders is probably the best example. If the build up is not obvious at first, part the bristles and take a GOOD look. This one if often one of the scummiest brushes. After you sweep it over your face, not only are you setting your make up as desired, but you are also COLLECTING any make up that’s already been applied, like foundation and concealer, and any oil and bacteria that is already on your face. That oil and bacteria is now festering in your brush and clumping all that powder together, making it not only dirty, but more difficult to use since it’s hardened with build up. Every time you do applications with this brush, you are putting all that build up of gunk back onto your face, encouraging the growth of acne causing bacteria. This all seems pretty common sense, but does this even occur to you during your daily make up routine? Probably not, but I’m hoping now that you’ve read this and you’re very aware of how nasty your brushes have become, you’ll think twice about using them again before giving them a good wash.


The brush on the left is matted & greasy looking & stained with color – needs washing… A clean brush should be full and fluffy like the one on the right

The rule of thumb is that you should clean your ENTIRE brush set every 4 – 6 weeks. I’ve tried a lot of the spray on brush cleansers…they are time consuming and don’t do a great job (if you have one that you like, lmk and I’ll certainly give it a go). What I’ve found the best is using a foaming facial cleanser, something gentle like Neutrogena or Dove. Use warm water to work up a good lather and grab and old towel to wipe with. If there is still color coming off on the towel, give it another cleanse. Foaming cleansers tend to leave behind residue, so make sure you rinse well. Let your brushes dry naturally, the heat from the hair dryer can weaken the bristles and will make your brushes really poufy…this could affect their blending capabilities. Might be best to do on a lazy Sunday or a day off, a time when you won’t need to use them and they have ample time to dry. You’ll notice a huge difference when you use your freshly cleaned set. Not only with they feel cleaner and softer, but you’ll get more precision and more accurate coloring, especially with eyeshadow brushes since all the excess color will be washed away.


So now that your planning on cleaning your make up tools, what’s the point if you don’t have a daily face cleansing routine? I have to say that one of my biggest pet peeves is people who complain about having bad skin and consistently have break outs, but do not have a regular face washing routine. HELLO!? You’re kind of asking for it. If you spent as much time caring for your skin as you do applying layers of foundation and concealer, you wouldn’t NEED to apply the layers of foundation and concealer. Leaving your make up on all night is a major no-no. It lets the dirt and oil that’s been building up on your face all day work it’s ways into your pores, causing acne and blemishes, and also AGES your skin. We touch our faces like a hundred times every damn day, after touching door knobs, flushing toilets, shaking hands with a stranger…get the picture? And I don’t think premature wrinkles are a welcomed thought, am I right? Okay, so don’t panic yet…this problem has a SIMPLE solution. Most of you don’t wash your face before bed because A. You didn’t think it was a big deal (luckily you now know the difference) OR B. You leave it too late and you’re too tired to do anything more than empty your bladder. Here’s the fix; I often wash off my make up after supper, while I’m still wide awake and have no excuse to NOT do it later. It feels soooooooo amazing! Like taking off a heavy mask after wearing it all day, which, let’s face it, most of us are in fact wearing a heavy mask of make up all day.

My picks for my personal skin care regime

There are TONS of make up removers out there, but I find Pond’s cleansing & make up removing towelette’s the best. They remove eye and face make up without burning or stinging and also don’t leave behind an oily residue.  They’re available in a few different scents (I use the original one) and even work great against waterproof mascaras and stubborn lip stains.

Spectro products are great for controlling breakouts. I use it daily and rarely have even a single pimple. It also comes in different varieties to suit different skin types. I use the dry skin formula.

St Ives has some great exfoliaters. They also have a few different kinds depending on your needs and are very gentle. I use Blemish & Blackhead Clearing 2 – 3 times a week, or every other day, to remove dead skin cells and control blackheads. It leaves my face feeling super clean and rejuvenated.

For daily moisturizing I like Dove‘s facial moisturizer, it’s light and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on your face. I use it after washing my face in the a.m., before applying my make up, and after I wash my face before bed to keep my skin soft and youthful.

I’m not suggesting these products will work for everyone. I, for example, have an oily t-zone and dry cheeks & forehead, but after years of trying different products, this is what works for me and my skin is now better than ever. Take some time and find a routine & products that work for you, but don’t expect instant results. Keep in mind that trying new products can in itself cause a breakout, so don’t let this discourage you. Give it a few weeks to a month before discounting it all together, unless it’s burning or causing irritation, in which case follow the instructions on the back and discontinue use!

Hope this is a wake up call for at least one of you, and remember…always put your best face forward!

xo Cree

One to Watch: thread&fabric’s Jennifer Cochrane


Jennifer Cochrane is an aspiring clothing designer from St. John’s, Newfoundland. The 24 year old freelance designer attended Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy in Ontario to work towards a career in fashion. Her goal is to one day own her own clothing boutique, and let’s just say,  she’s on the right track. Recently, Jennifer made a splash with a line of infinity scarves called thread&fabric. In fact, her first batch of inventory sold out in just 10 days and had her hitting the sewing room sooner than expected to fulfill the high demand from clientele.

When asked why she started her line of scarves, Jenn had this to say;
“I started my scarves because I love clothes and feel that scarves are an easy, affordable and fashion forward way to accessorize any outfit. In Newfoundland, we aren’t fortunate enough to be able to wear just anything because of factors like the weather.  Scarves can be worn almost any time of the year depending on the fabric used! Heavy weight and light weight…even knits.”

And like any smart business woman, Jenn pays close attention to today’s hottest trends gracing the runways and worn by all our fav celebs. The Infinity Scarf (also know as eternity scarf, hood scarf, or circle scarf) was 2011’s hottest fall/winter accessory, adored by the likes of Blake Lively & Kate Beckensale. Like them, consider this trend your must have piece for your everyday layering and accessorizing needs. The greatest thing about it? ANYONE can wear it regardless of your body type, age bracket, or gender. They come in a variety of colors, fabrics & patterns and can carry on through every season, especially for the east coast’s notorious chilly Spring & Summer seasons.  You can leave an open loop for a laid back & casual look, double it up for a warm layered look, or even use it as a hood! So versatile, so chic!

thread&fabric scarves range in price from $12-$30,  or have your custom needs fulfilled for an extra cost. Here’s a selection of Jenn’s designs for an idea of what you can expect:

My Pick? This classic houndstooth print for $12. A timeless pattern in a medium weight fabric and neutral colors…it goes with everything!

And what can we expect next from this up & comer? Ponchos!
Ponchos were the biggest trend on the runway during 2011 New York Fashion Week and, lone behold, reappeared again this past February on the Fall 2012 NYFW runways. Much like the eternity scarf, this hot item can transition from Fall & Winter into Spring & Summer,  depending on weight and material, and is a trend worn and loved by celebs like Kim K and style icon Kate Moss.

Kim K & Kate Moss sporting ponchos

Carlos Miele/Custo Barcelona/Michael Kors ponchos from New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012/13 *picture via*

Stay tuned for patterns and prices coming soon!

thread&fabric is currently selling at Coconut Island Tan located at 74 Old Placentia Road in Mount Pearl, so go get your infinity scarf today!

To request a custom design or get more product information, contact Jennifer at:

(709) 749-9026 or

xo Cree

She’s A Lady


As I was flipping through my latest issue of Marie Claire, I happened upon this adorable add from Louis Vuitton. Not only does this ad make me crave cupcakes and ice cream, but it has me dying for Spring to get its ass in gear so I can kick off the denim and boots and throw on a little summer dress and some round toe heels.

Vuitton’s Spring 2012 show sang the same tune – fresh and sweet…quite the departure from their typically edgy, sexy, and over all more mature ads. Although it is very demure and seemingly directed at a younger demographic, the boxy structure and attention to details reserve it for a more lady-like and sophisticated woman. The brand also stays spot on trend, they’re runway collection honoring the hottest spring trends like bright whites, pastels, and florals.

Kate Spade seemed to have the same idea with her Kate Spade New York Spring 2012 show. Kate, though, punched it up a little with brighter colors, bolder patterns, and slimmer fits, making her collection more modern. Although the collection seems to appeal to the Career Mom, the ads have an edgier feel that will likely invoke your inner teen. All in all, I think Spade takes the cake with her versatile and ready-to-wear collection.

Gotta have it? Look for eyelets and lace, pretty pinks and soft greens, and feminine silhouettes. Accessorize with pearls, dainty headbands, and a structured handbag to maintain a polished look. For a little edge, pick a bolder pattern and add black accessories and chunkier jewelry.Here’s a few ideas to get you started;

mint shift dress w/ lace  $29.90

pink tulip skirt w/ bow belt  $29.90  Dynamite stores

tie neck chiffon blouse  $29.94

pale yellow trousers  $49.90

peep toe pump  $80

white eyelet jacket  $88

Well my darlings, now that I’ve shown you where you can find your most dapper duds, off you go to find your more refined self! But remember, just because you dress like a lady, doesn’t mean you need to behave like one 😉

xo Cree

Carpet Couture


This week is Toronto Fashion Week presenting Fall/Winter 2012. As we have yet to even enter  Spring, I won’t depress you all with what’s to come for Fall. I will, however, talk about Korhani Home opening the show with their rug inspired fashions influenced by Mongolia, punk glamour, and Venetian. This is Korhani’s third year at TFW, and while these threads aren’t available to purchase (not exactly “ready to wear” and likely weigh a ton), each custom piece is genius! See for yourself…

Korhani custom pieces Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 via &

Sold by retailers like Zellers, WalMart and Rona, Korhani boasts having a beautiful and affordable selection of rugs. Their Creative Director, Kirsten Korhani, has a fashion background and uses her experience to inspire Korhani designs. And while these particular pieces won’t find their way into your closet this year, maybe their rugs will find their way into your home!

No looks for less on this one, but the take away here is that you really can find inspiration anywhere! Also I thought it was cool as hell and wanted to share how fan-frickin-tastic these creations are.

Stay glam folks 🙂

xo Cree

Put It On Repeat!


One of my most beloved fashion trends will make another appearance this upcoming spring/summer season – The Maxi!  This fashion rerun was warmly welcomed back for Spring/Summer 2012, so if you didn’t get a chance to try this trend last year, here’s your chance! This trend was arguably made most famous last year by the Queen of Boho herself – Nicole Richie. She was photographed almost daily rocking this trend. You can find many maxi styles in her clothing line Winter Kate, launched in February 2010.

Nicole wearing dress and accessories from her own lines, Winter Kate & House of Harlow

check out more styles like this Winter Kate piece for $299 at They have world wide shipping!

I’m also loving Duro Olowu’s interpretation of the maxi this year. He gave the notoriously casual,  foot-loose-and-fancy-free style a modern, lady like sophistication – but still in keeping with the feminine & flirty nature of the trend.  A job very well done!

Duro Olowu Spring/Summer 2012

As I mentioned before, the maxi is know for, but not limited to, it’s casual boho feel. Wear it day, evening, and most effectively as maternity wear.  It can work for any occasion or body type depending on the fit and quality. Here’s a little Maxi Tutorial to cover the basics.

Athletic build? Try Gewn Stefani’s look. The straps and v neck accentuate the bust (A ruffled bust will provide the same effect). Drawing in the waist and choosing a dress with volume in the skirt creates a feminine shape for her slender physique.

A little curvy? Do like Kim K. and try color blocking to compliment your curves. By adding a belt, it draws focus to her narrow waist, the white modest tank downplays the bust, and the slit in the skirt adds length and shows just enough skin to keep it sexy.  The fabric flows away from her hip, so avoid fabrics like knit jerseys or rayon that will cling to your hips. Try cotton blended fabrics instead.

Pear shaped? Copy Kristen and pick a dress that has a deep v, drawing the eye up and elongating the torso. You could also add a bold necklace here to enhance the effect. Wearing a maxi with a sleeve will help balance out the hip and create symmetry in your shape. Belting the waist here won’t do you any favors, so if you want a little structure, add a tailored blazer with strong shoulders instead.

Fancy occasion or evening? A goddess style in a rich, bold color, like this one worn by Selena, gives the maxi dress sophistication and glamor.  Up the ante with some sparkly earrings and killer heels for some added elegance. Perfect for a wedding or gala. Wear it in black or deep purple and add tons of costume jewelry for a date or a night out with the ladies.

Day time casual? The maxi was MADE for this! Anything from brights, florals, and stripes will do. Even add a denim jacket (or a puppy) like Jessica did. Gladiator sandals and wavy beach hair are perfect for this look. If you’re hitting the beach, throw on a big floppy hat and your Havianas!

I’m waiting to snatch up this romantic style (coming soon for $39.90) as soon as it hits Dynamite stores, but I was out shopping with my sister the other day, and Winners has a HUGE selection of Maxis in right now as low as $20.  If you’re dying to try this trend, hit them up…SOON.  And if you do, send pics of your fav!

Happy Shopping Ladies!

xo Cree

Make Sense of Your Scents


When purchasing perfumes, we tend to choose them based on the first impression. There are, however, a few other things to consider when selecting your scent.

Consider Your Scent

First of all, perfumes consist of 3 notes…a top, middle, & base. It’s important to test perfumes before you actually purchase them.  The top note, the scent you smell when first spraying, only lasts 10 – 20 minutes in most cases. This initial note, typically an inviting fruity or aquatic scent, is what draws purchasers in. Keep in mind, this will not be the lasting scent you’re left with. Middle notes tend to last about 3 – 6 hours and base notes can appear about a half hour in and last up to 24 hours on skin. This is known as the “dry down”, so wait around for this to happen before deciding on a scent. I love Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift as a great everyday perfume. It starts off light and sweet, but the dry down is sexy and spicy. Added bonus – the bottle is gorge.

available in 3 sizes  $18 – $59.50

Consider Your Surroundings

Many public places now-a-days, like schools and office buildings, are scent free environments. Lucky for us, most of our fave scents come in travel sizes, usually about 10ml. These will fit perfectly into your purse or even a clutch. If you have an early morning doctor or dentist appointment, be courteous of their policies. Hold off on spritzing until after your appointment. Same applies for your workplace. If you work in a scent free environment, but have a date or drinks with the ladies afterward, don’t fret! You have your travel size in your bag to freshen up with beforehand. Even if your office isn’t scent free, you may consider using a body spray. Body sprays are less offensive so they’re a nice alternative to perfumes or colognes. Just because you love the scent doesn’t mean those around you will agree (we’ve all been on the receiving end of offensive colognes and perfumes, and it’s not cool). Body sprays are typically light and natural scents and likely won’t offend others. Bath & Body Works offers a huge selection of body sprays. My fav, their newest addition, Pink Chiffon with notes like peach nectar and vanilla orchid. YUM!

237ml  $14

Consider HIM

Now, more than ever, women tend to dress for each other rather then men. I, more than anyone, applaud this movement, BUT, I will also be the first to say that every now and then we should think about what he likes too. Especially with our perfume selection. We as women think of vanilla and cinnamon scents as something we wore through our awkward pre-teens when we first experimented with fragrances. Studies, however, show that men actually prefer these scents to florals and musks, and are often even turned on by them! So ladies, I encourage you to take a flash to the past next time you’re getting ready for a hot date or if you’re planning a sexy night  in with your man! I’m not suggesting you scramble to see if they still make your childhood go-to “Vanilla Musk”, but maybe try pureDKNY. This scent is warm with hints of floral, sandalwood, and “a drop of vanilla”, and is sure to do the trick.

also available in 3 sizes  $45 – $85

So go! Head to your local department store and hit up the beauty section. Here’s a few tips to send you off with;

1. PLAN your testing trip. Do not apply perfume when your planning to test fragrances. It will confuse your sniffer and you will not get the true scent of the fragrance.

2. The fragrance can smell very different on the testing strip (or in a magazine, or on your girlfriend’s wrist) than it actually does on your skin, so spray YOUR wrist to see if it works for you.

3. DO NOT rub it in! This will quickly deteriorate the already short lived top note. Spray and let it dry naturally to test the longevity of the already fragile initial scent.

4. How a perfume smells on you skin is also subject to change day to day depending on the time of month due to hormonal changes.If you notice your signature scent is smelling different than normal, just switch up your scent for a few days so it doesn’t turn you off.

Sounds like a pain in the ass, but considering the cost and how long a large bottle will last you, it’s well worth the trouble.

FYI… just in case you’re wondering, they do still make Vanilla Musk. Available at Wal-Mart for just $14 😉

xo Cree