White Hot


Sadly, this year’s award season has come to and end, but not before stunning us with some of our favorite trends.

The SAG awards brought beautiful jewel tones,

the Grammys had high necklines,

& the Emmys swam in a sea of red.

  Last night’s Academy Awards red carpet was no exception! We saw a competition of sorts with trends like long sleeves, metallics & the cold shoulder… but what trend stole the show? Bright White!

Starlets like Gweneth, Cameron, Rooney & Octavia all donned white frocks. These ladies dressed to impress last night and BOY did they deliver! Those of you who think white is just for weddings…think again!

Now I know what you’re thinking….”Where the hell am I wearing a white dress BESIDES my wedding?”. Have no fear ladies, I’ve scoped out some white dresses perfect for a hot date with your man or cocktails with the ladies.

chiffon cocktail dress  $129.95  le chateau

lace top rosette mini  $28.99  charlotterusse.com

So you’re next event, go white hot! Dress it up with metallic heels and chandelier earrings or dress it down with colored heels and a blazer.  Just don’t forget to bring your Tide to Go pen. We all know white attracts red wine and make up stains!

Happy Glamming!

xo Cree


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