Orange You Excited for SPRING?


*I do not own this image

If New York Fashion Week’s 2012 Spring preview showed us anything,  it’s that color is IN this season.  So ladies, push all your LBD’s and black tanks to the back of your closet and make room for pink, green,  and my new fave – ORANGE! I took the liberty of shopping around to show you were to find your new key piece…

Color Block Cardigan $54.95

Cut Out Dress $23.80

Wayfarer Sunglasses $8.90

Skinny Jeans $44.43

Not only will orange make it’s way into your wardrobe this season, but it’ll also creep into your cosmetic bag.  Check out OPI for hot shades like Atomic Orange & Essie for Braziliant.  Even your fave celebs, like Rhianna & Rachel Bilson,  are rocking this Spring special.

So go, do orange this year!  However I must add… if you’re going orange this season, keep it classy ladies and apply your self tanner sparingly 🙂

xo Cree


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