Okay, so I must admit….I’ve never been one for lip color. I always found it either fades fast (even when they say it doesn’t), transfers (even when they say it doesn’t),  and leaves my lips feeling cracked and dehydrated. But alas! I found my newest obsession….

*i do not own this image

Baby Lips by Maybelline is to die! It provides bold color that, for me, lasts several hours.  It’s not only a lip color, but a moisturizing lip balm as well so you don’t get that dry,  cakey look & feeling.  And the best part – find it at your local drugstore in the beauty section for about 5 bucks! (That’s IF you can find it because they sell fast!!)  Get it while it’s hot, ladies!

My picks are “Cherry Me 015” and “Pink Punch” 025

xo Cree


About christinacooke

Hello All! My name is Christina. My friends call me Cree (don't ask!). I'm a 26 year old fashion retail manager from Paradise, Newfoundland. I love fashion, beauty & all things style. Follow me and I'll show you how to be your most fashionable self on YOUR budget. It may hurt to be beautiful, but it doesn't need to cost a fortune ;)

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