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Feeling Cheeky?


Let me start by saying I do not claim to be a professional by ANY means with regards to make-up application & hairstyling. It has, however, become quite a hobby of mine and I’ve dedicated a lot of time ( & some money) into perfecting my beauty routine. I like to think that through all the years of trial and error, styling friends and family for weddings and fashion shows, and just being high maintenance in general, I’ve developed a knack for it along the way.

For me, an absolute MUST for any everyday face is Blush & Bronzer. No amount of lips and liner can bring life to your face quite like a perfectly suited blush.

For all you fair skinned ladies, bright pinks and rosy reds are the perfect shades to get a porcelain finish. Medium skin tones will benefit from bright orangey corals to keep skin looking nice and warm. Pick bright fuchsias and hot pinks for dark skin tones with lots of color pigment for a great contrast.

Bronzers are typically used for one of two reasons; to achieve a natural, sun-kissed glow or to contour the face.  Always be sure you’re using a bronzer no more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone to avoid and orange or caked on look (find a color chart in the beauty section to compare if you need help, usually near foundations).

To achieve the natural sun-kissed look, use a wide, soft brush to evenly distribute all over the face. Use a highlight or luminizer  on top of the cheek to catch light and announce the cheek.  You can add a touch of blush to the apple of your cheek for a little color and your good to go! This look works best on long, narrow faces or faces with prominent cheek bones, helping to soften and widen the face a little.

Kate Bosworth’s famous sun-kissed glow

To add some structure to your face requires a little extra effort. Apply bronzer under the cheek bones with a slimmer angled brush. If you’re unsure where to apply, make a fish face and follow the hollow part that runs between the edge of your mouth to the top of your ear. Blend well, dragging your brush back and forth and up along your temple making a soft “C”. Apply blush just above this contour you’ve created, starting from the apple of your cheek and blending up to the hair line. Your highlight should go in the middle of the forehead & down the nose, in the area just under your eyes beside your nose (in an almost triangle shape), on your cupids bow, and on your chin. This application works best for wide faces and chubby cheeks (much like mine!), drawing attention to the center of your face and helping to elongate.

Kim K – The Contour Queen

My Pick for blush is The Body Shop’s Baked-To-Last Blush available in Petal, a bright pink, and Coral – great for all skin tones. It promotes a “rich blend of oils” for long lasting wear up to 8 hours & actually delivers.  It has long lasting wear, rich pigmented color, and is very easy to blend.

Baked-To-Last Blush  $18

Too Faced cosmetics is my pick for great bronzers. They’re pressed powders are soft and not only do they blend incredibly well, but they last all day (and night if you plan on hitting the town after work). Their Natural Face palette is a great bang for your buck as it has everything you need to achieve these looks. It includes bronzer, cream blush, powder blush, concealer, luminizer & brightener. Buying all of these separately will cost you almost double, maybe more.

Natural Radiance Face Palette $39

Hope this is helpful!

xo Cree


White Hot


Sadly, this year’s award season has come to and end, but not before stunning us with some of our favorite trends.

The SAG awards brought beautiful jewel tones,

the Grammys had high necklines,

& the Emmys swam in a sea of red.

  Last night’s Academy Awards red carpet was no exception! We saw a competition of sorts with trends like long sleeves, metallics & the cold shoulder… but what trend stole the show? Bright White!

Starlets like Gweneth, Cameron, Rooney & Octavia all donned white frocks. These ladies dressed to impress last night and BOY did they deliver! Those of you who think white is just for weddings…think again!

Now I know what you’re thinking….”Where the hell am I wearing a white dress BESIDES my wedding?”. Have no fear ladies, I’ve scoped out some white dresses perfect for a hot date with your man or cocktails with the ladies.

chiffon cocktail dress  $129.95  le chateau

lace top rosette mini  $28.99

So you’re next event, go white hot! Dress it up with metallic heels and chandelier earrings or dress it down with colored heels and a blazer.  Just don’t forget to bring your Tide to Go pen. We all know white attracts red wine and make up stains!

Happy Glamming!

xo Cree

Hook, Line & Sink-Her!


Okay people, this is a trend I just cannot get behind.  I’m all about recycling trends…when they brought back retro glam, I was excited! 80’s rock with leather & lace, BEYOND! But Ariel from The Little Mermaid? Please tell me this is a joke! Please?!

I’m all for shades of blue and green and a mermaid fit gown, but the fish out of water look is not a good look for any of us. I’ll let you be the judge…

Van Herpen Haute Couture Spring 2012

Versace Spring 2012

Alexander McQueen Spring 2012

Fashion greats like Versace, Chanel, & Giorgio Armani are all jumping on board, and I have to say…this, my darlings, is a ship I would gladly sink.

If you want to go marine, might I suggest Nautical.  It’s a classic trend sure to last. These pieces would be a great fit for your wardrobe (and your wallet).

 striped dress $39.90 Dynamite Stores

graphic tank $14.90

wedge $80 available in navy, natural, & midnight black

Remember ladies, just because it’s hot off the runway doesn’t mean it’s hot! If  all else fails, stick to a classic!

xo Cree

Orange You Excited for SPRING?


*I do not own this image

If New York Fashion Week’s 2012 Spring preview showed us anything,  it’s that color is IN this season.  So ladies, push all your LBD’s and black tanks to the back of your closet and make room for pink, green,  and my new fave – ORANGE! I took the liberty of shopping around to show you were to find your new key piece…

Color Block Cardigan $54.95

Cut Out Dress $23.80

Wayfarer Sunglasses $8.90

Skinny Jeans $44.43

Not only will orange make it’s way into your wardrobe this season, but it’ll also creep into your cosmetic bag.  Check out OPI for hot shades like Atomic Orange & Essie for Braziliant.  Even your fave celebs, like Rhianna & Rachel Bilson,  are rocking this Spring special.

So go, do orange this year!  However I must add… if you’re going orange this season, keep it classy ladies and apply your self tanner sparingly 🙂

xo Cree

The Structured Life


A must have for everyone’s wardrobe, men and women alike – The Blazer.

I know many of you think a blazer belongs in the office, are uncomfortable, and give you shoulders like Tim Tebow.  Rest assured,  if you think these things, you are dead wrong!  Not only is menswear the hottest trend in ladies fashion right now, but a solid, structured blazer is a classic piece and should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.  It anchors any outfit taking you from daytime casual, to work,  and into evening.

Take this black boyfriend blazer for example…

Daytime Casual

Think grabbing lunch or running errands. Try pairing with a bold stripe or graphic tee,  a dark wash denim, and some flats. Simple accessories and a statement handbag finish the look!

At Work

Paired with a dress pant (I chose a black super skinny, but bright colored slacks or a wide leg trouser would also work) and a fun all over print blouse is perfect for the office. Grab some heels for some extra power!


Have a date after work? This animal print dress, clutch and accessories could fit easily in your over sized work tote or just stash in your car. You’ve already got on your power heels, so just let your hair down, re-apply your Maybelline Baby Lips and you’re ready to go!

One blazer, three looks.  Piece of cake!

The One Hit Wonder

How about that super dressy blazer you bought for that interview and haven’t worn since? Try pairing with your fave band tee, some cute flats, and a pop of color for a cool & casual weekend look.

Try A Trend!

Pale pink is predicted to be this Spring’s biggest trend. This pink number ($44.90 at Dynamite stores)  is a rayon and spandex blend, so not only is it stylish, but wears like a cozy cardigan.  Pair with distressed denim and a printed scarf for a movie date or shopping with the girls.

* 2 things to keep in mind… 1. shoulder pads can ALWAYS be removed! 2.  If  it’s uncomfortable, it’s probably too small.  Try the next size up! If you’re in-between sizes just have it tailored.  It’s inexpensive and worth every penny.

Happy Shopping!

xo Cree



Okay, so I must admit….I’ve never been one for lip color. I always found it either fades fast (even when they say it doesn’t), transfers (even when they say it doesn’t),  and leaves my lips feeling cracked and dehydrated. But alas! I found my newest obsession….

*i do not own this image

Baby Lips by Maybelline is to die! It provides bold color that, for me, lasts several hours.  It’s not only a lip color, but a moisturizing lip balm as well so you don’t get that dry,  cakey look & feeling.  And the best part – find it at your local drugstore in the beauty section for about 5 bucks! (That’s IF you can find it because they sell fast!!)  Get it while it’s hot, ladies!

My picks are “Cherry Me 015” and “Pink Punch” 025

xo Cree